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Hi, my name is Rachael.

At my core, I am a people person and I love to make people happy. In my life, I have surrounded myself with people who are kind, supportive and make me feel unstoppable. Every day I let these people know that I love them. For me, gift-giving is my love language, a way to convey my love to those I hold dear.

The Element of

Transitioning from two decades in financial services, I realised it was time for a new focus. My passion has always been about helping people, a purpose that quietly built my own brand over those years. My husband Conor is now taking full credit that he was in fact the inspiration for Eden Gifts. While I love him dearly, he is the polar opposite from me when it comes to gift giving. Every occasion I am asked for a list of gifts that would make me happy. I realised what makes me happy is the element of surprise and thoughtfulness that goes into a gift.

Store owner

Gifts Infused with Meaning.

To me, "it’s the thought that counts" has always been paramount because at my core, I believe in the power of gifting as a love language. Our curated collection of handpicked gifts reflects this belief, aiming to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Each item within our thoughtfully assembled boxes is chosen with care, designed to convey your emotions through a beautifully crafted gift experience unlike any other. 

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The Eden Promise

People First

Emotion with
Every Gift


Unparalleled Customer Experience

At Eden Gifts, putting people first is our foundation. We're committed to caring for people, ensuring every gift evokes deep emotions through unique and captivating experiences. With our out-of-the-box ideas and unparalleled customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Experience the joy of giving with us.

Shop now and make every gift a memorable experience.

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